ABE Lagos Dec 25th | ABE Accra Dec 29th

ABE: All Black Everything 2019

December 25, 2019 09:00 pm -

December 30, 2019 05:00 am

Landmark Event center Lagos, Nigeria + Carbon Accra, Ghana
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ABE Lagos Dec 25th | ABE Accra Dec 29th


What is ABE?

ABE -“All Black Everything” is a bold and expressive celebration of Life and Excellence.

ABE is a lifestyle brand that is more than just a party but an exceptionally Curated experience for the extraordinary person.

Over the last 10 years, ABE- All Black Everything has built an extremely recognizable brand that has garnered the attention of influencers, VIP Clientele and brands, as the #1 international Event in Nigeria produced by Tiwa Works + Dj Obi.


ABE Lagos December 25th,2019 at LandMark event center.

ABE Accra December 29th, 2019 at Carbon Night Club.

As we continue with our journey, ABE continues to exceed expectations with exceptional marketing and dominance. This has created the ultimate platform to activate, target specific consumers and execute with an influential demographics of attendees. An event blended with tastemakers, celebrities and high profiled influencers creates the ultimate platform for any brand to be associated while infusing their products and services.

Who You'll Meet


    Events x Culture x LifeStyle Set
    the standard.
    Make the shift

  • Joma

    Software Developer

  • Fastly

    Social networking as a means
    for professional development.

  • Wegmans

    Social networking


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