California Urban League YPs & SD Melanin Presents: Ballots & Bubbly

September 27, 2020 AT 12:00 PM - September 27, 2020 AT 01:30 PM



About Event

Join the California Urban League Young Professionals and SD Melanin for a conversation of everything ballot related and anything in between! Think of this event as a brunch & learn on making your vote count this November. Don't forget your champagne or mimosas! Sip, sit back and take notes!

We have also partnered with some black owned businesses for this event! Take advantage of the opportunity and support! 

(1) DreamxLand Clothing

DreamxLand Clothing is a black owned clothing brand that represents the ideal that if you "Dream Big, and Work Hard" you can manifest and materialize your dreams!

DreamxLand Clothing has partnered with the California Urban League YPs to offer attendees of “Ballots & Bubbly” a 20% discount from their website. Use promo code: LAULYP at checkout. 
Check them out here: 
(2) The Artisan Pour
The Artisan Pour is dedicated to creating a connection between Black boutique winemakers and socially conscious wine drinkers. We create wine tasting experiences that satisfy your senses; sight, hearing, and taste.
We have partnered with Cali Urban League YPs to offer the 'Bubbly" for Ballots & Bubbly!
Featured Black winemaker:
Sip & Share Wines is a boutique winery producing a diversity of artisanal vegan wines. Passionate about creating commUnity with wine, especially for wine lovers often overlooked and underrepresented by the wine industry. Our wines are approachable to all palates, fun and made to sip and share.
YP Package options:
7 Words Wines Sampler package, try all of the 7 Words Wine and find your favorites! Each bottle has 5 ounces (a glass of wine). - $60
2 out of the 7 Words Wine package, Gratitude (Red Blend) & Love (White Zinfandel) - $45
Shipping will apply to all orders outside of the Sacramento area. 



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