Chicago Greek Weekend 2019 Events Sponsored by Glenlivet

Chicago Greek Weekend 2019 Events Sponsored by Glenlivet



The #1 Greek Weekend in Chicago is almost here!


Don't miss a lineup of events for Greeks and friends that breathe life into Chicago's summer. Time to relive the days on the yard and/or be out with your neos. Tell your LB to tell his sands to tell her LS it's going down for #CGW19. Get your tickets for the events below.


Friday July 26


  • Welcome to Chicago Happy Hour @ Reverie 5pm-9pm 21+


Saturday July 27

  • 2 Community Service projects  9am and 12 noon(Details to be released)
  • Greeks & Freaks  Night Party @ Bureau Bar 10pm 21+


Sunday July 28

  • Chicago Greek Picnic 12pm @ Jackson Park Grove 19b


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Sponsored by Glenlivet

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