Chicago Juneenth Pop Up

June 18, 2021 AT 04:00 PM - June 18, 2021 AT 09:00 PM

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Chicago's creative community is very much under appreciated, and this is the opportunity for you to help change the narrative! Please fill out this form to join our network and tribe, as well as to allow us to provide you all with dope opportunities.

This Juneteenth (June 19th, 2021) from 4pm-9pm, The Village will be doing our first ever preview open house so our doors will be open to the public with a creatives/artists pop up that'll be loaded with VISUAL ART, MUSIC, A RAFFLE, ETC. Also stay tuned for our main launch event in early July!

Display your talent and work amongst like minded people and fellow influencers that are here to support you, or just come out and enjoy a lit function.

"The Village" is the perfect brick n mortar multi-purpose creative studio space in the city of Chicago for the modern digital creative/entrepreneur to collaborate, create amazing content, marketing material and campaigns. We offer a variety of services such as a Photo studio and a Music studio for rentals and production services like photo shoot sessions and artist management; Photography & Videography services like product photography and custom set designs; Retail Space rentals for pop-ups & Event hosting and coordinating services. The space will also feature programming and educational courses with a focus on community building and resource sharing.

To learn more about us, the event visit and what we offer check out our Instagram/Twitter page @thevillage_otl or our website www.thevillageotl.com (website coming soon) or contact Tash at 2407162877


Artists Painting During Pop Up


Ayleen is a latinx, self taught artist based in Chicago. Her works consists of recycled mixed media and digital art. Her aspirations mostly come from pop culture and life experiences. IG: @ayleenlaflor




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