RenDAYvous Day Party w DJ Envy Sponsored by Jack Honey

RenDAYvous Day Party w DJ Envy Sponsored by Jack Honey

June 29, 2 pm - 8 pm

RenDAYvous Day Party w DJ Envy Sponsored by Jack Honey


Milwaukee get ready for the Breakfast Club’s DJ Envy to invade Milwaukee for the “RenDAYvous” day party at RWB Milwaukee sponsored by Jack Honey.

Enjoy $7 Jack Honey & Jack Daniels Cocktails and $250 bottles as well as a Special guest DJ set by DJ Envy along with Mr New York and Chicago's DJ Commando

Tickets and tables will sell out. RSVP and get your tickets today! Tables and parties feel free to text 773 759 4363 for more info.

Chicago-Milwaukee Party Bus!

Chicago peeps get your bus ticket which includes general admission to the party for $40. The bus will be leaving from Drinkhaus 820 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60607 at noon. Doors open at 11am so feel free to stop in for brunch. The bus will leave from Milwaukee back to Drinkhaus right after the party is over at 8pm.

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DRESS CODE = Fashion Forward. No ball caps, no plain tees, no sportswear, fashionable gym shoes are OK. Entry is contingent upon dress code compliance.

No re-entry will be allowed upon leaving the premises

All sales are final.




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