Family Thanksgiving Dinner and Heemie’s Housewarming

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What's up Family! I hope all is well! 2020 has been a crazy year for a lot of us however, I was able to count my blessing and purchase a new house, but we all know that a house is not a home without family. I'm inviting you to my house so that you can help me turn it into a home for this year's Thanksgiving dinner.

Please review the details mentioned in this invite. I understand if you cannot attend and I invite you to come visit me anytime. If it is placed on your heart to provide a gift to help celebrate this joyous occasion, it is welcomed and would be appreciated it the form of cash. Feel free to utilize the donation button on this invite to send your gift or cashapp $RaheemManning.

Looking forward to hosting you over great food, good laughter, and lots of love in my new home.



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Family Thanksgiving Dinner and Heemie’s Housewarming

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