Harriet Tubman Freedom Ride

Harriet Tubman Freedom Ride


Major Taylor Cycling Club Chicago (MTC3) invites all cycling enthusiasts and Major Taylor clubs across the United States to join us for a weekend of cycling, hiking, fellowship and fun while we pay homage to a great American abolitionist and social activist, Harriet Tubman, code name “Moses”.

Arrive in town early and join MTC3 for the Friday Slow Ride, a cycling tour of Cornell University. On Saturday most cyclist will begin and end the day at Myers Park, 7.5 miles north of the host hotel in Ithaca New York. Metric cyclist will ride north at 8 AM on July 24, 2021. Century cyclist will depart at 6:00 AM. Half-Metric cyclist will depart Myers Park at 8:30 AM (via Van with bikes in trailer). In Auburn New York, our cycling group will visit the Harriet Tubman Home . The cycling event will end at Myers Park in Lansing New York with a catered post-ride picnic.

On Sunday morning all registered guest can choose one of two charter bus excursion:
• Cayuga Lake Wine Trail Experience
• Ithaca Gorges and Waterfalls Experience

This weekend includes a “non-cyclist” option for club members who wish to bring a spouse or guest to Ithaca. During the Harriet Tubman Freedom Ride registered non-cycling guest will enjoy a chartered bus excursion with stops at historic points of interest and attractions in Ithaca, Auburn and the surrounding areas. Registered non-cycling guest will rendezvous with cyclist at the catered post-ride picnic at Myers Park. The non-cyclist registration fee includes admission to Cayuga Lake Wine Trail Experience or Ithaca Gorges and Waterfall Experience.

The Harriet Tubman Freedom Ride planning committee is committed to making a positive impact on Harriet Tubman’s memory, the local community and the next generation of African American cyclist, therefore all proceeds from this cycling event will be contributed to:
Harriet Tubman Home, Inc.
Southside Community Center, Ithaca, NY
St. Augustine’s University Cycling Team
Major Taylor Trail Keepers Association

Please join us in upstate New York, as we “make the Major proud!”

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