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Tiffanie’s Birthday Extravaganza (and also NYE)

December 31, 2020 07:00 pm -

January 01, 2021 01:00 am

Sewell, Mantua Township, NJ, USA

Tiffanie’s Birthday Extravaganza (and also NYE)


Tiffanie’s Moroccan Themed Birthday Extravaganza!!
Day 1: 12/31
Dinner @ 7pm EST
Party @ 9pm-1am EST
Day 2: 1/1
Brunch @ 11am EST
Rest of the day will remain unscheduled.
Tickets include dinner, a champagne infused Moroccan tea, and Tiffanie’s gift. Feel free to bring games and your own drinks.
If you’re staying at the Airbnb, there are two additional rooms available. One for a couple and one for two people or two couples. Each room is $300 for the two nights or $200 for 12/31 only. Please contact Stefanie at (856) 361-3017 ASAP to reserve your room. This will be first come first served only.
Donations are highly appreciated to make this event as spectacular as Tiffanie is!
Deadline is 11/30.


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