RESCHEDULED: Wrapped in Wisdom: January New Moon Sister Circle

February 07, 2020 AT 06:30 PM - February 07, 2020 AT 09:00 PM


The Green Living Room, South Cottage Grove Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA
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Dear Sisters,

I'm asking for your grace. I have been diagnosed with strep throat. And in an effort of keeping everyone healthy, I am postponing this event until Friday, February 7th, 2020, which is a Full Moon.

I hope you can make it!


I am pleased to present our Wrapped in Wisdom New Moon Sister Circle. Each quarter will present a new essential. Quarter I  Essential is Self Love.

This sister circle will commemorate the New Moon, WHERE we will lay the ground work of self love. Thereafter, all of your intentions, goals, and pursuits (extra space) set on this New Moon, will be RIPE WITH OPPORTUNITY, AND based in self love.

For this sister circle, please feel free to bring your journal, sage, OR any other items that you feel engender self love.

Food and libations (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) will be provided.


Wrapped in Wisdom is an intergenerational collective of Black women, convened to support each other through our respective journeys. "No one wants to be the elder anymore." There is sage wisdom vested in each of us, regardless of all age and walk of life. The vision is a created space to articulate our individual goals, be seen and accept our fears and insecurities -without shame- and leverage each others' strengths, wisdoms, and truths to courageously pursue life with intentionality.



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