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Wrapped in Wisdom February New Moon Sister Circle: Let’s Talk about Sex

February 21, 2020 AT 06:30 PM - February 21, 2020 AT 09:00 PM

Hey Sis,

Let's talk about Sex!

I remember my first time. I was 24, and messing around with a boy who I should not have been with. I knew it was a bad idea. But wanted him -hell anybody- badly. Why?

I was young, hurt, and searching for something.



And most likely my estranged father.

Since then, I have been redefining my relationship with sex, and learning to engage in it responsibly to keep the love I have for myself, first and prominent. But I still struggle.

What's your sex story?

And what's love to to do with it?

These will be our guiding questions for this circle.

** Given that discussions of sex can be triggering, this conversation will be co-facilitated by a licensed professional counselor. **

For this circle, please bring your journal/ notebook, pen. You may also bring readings, poems, that have helped you in this area.

Food and libations will be provided.

Recalling on our Essential for this quarter, Self Love. Sex is an extension of how we show and seek love.


Wrapped in Wisdom is an intergenerational collective of Black women, convened to support each other through our respective journeys. "No one wants to be the elder anymore." There is sage wisdom vested in each of us, regardless of all age and walk of life. The vision is a created space to articulate our individual goals, be seen and accept our fears and insecurities -without shame- and leverage each others' strengths, wisdoms, and truths to courageously pursue life with intentionality.



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